Monday, October 02, 2006

Photoshop Links

A collection of other places on the internet you should visit.

Please feel free to trade links. You can find me here.

Web Reference

Best Practices in Redirecting Pages
Using good 301 redirects instead of HTML and Javascript redirects which search engines do not like.

Color Schemer

Upload and browse color schemes. Very inspiring.

From Points to Pixels

A great chart detailing the approximate conversion from points to pixels. An essential link for developers.

Instant Domain Search

Find available domains instantly as you type.

Rank By Design

Information on SEO with a focus on Google and Movable Type.

SEO Case Studies and Tools

A collection of case studies and free optimization tools.

Skills for Access

A brilliant website dedicated to accessibility for websites and beyond.

Your Total Site

A huge library of articles and links on web development, with a focus on standards, accessibility and content.

Design Related

  • ArtNet

  • Core77

  • CreativePost

  • Design Observer

  • Fubiz

  • GraphicPush

  • IndustrialBrand

  • SwissMiss

  • The Skinny

  • Typographi

  • Webmaster Republic

  • WeMakeMoneyNotArt

  • WhiteSpace

  • CoreFX

    Nice resource site with tutorials (Photoshop and web coding), wallpapers, fonts and more.

    CSS Monster

    Search for web development jobs in the XHTML/CSS universe.

    Design Talk Board

    A nice forum where all things design are discussed.

    Iconshock: Professional icons

    iconshock offers more than 45.000 high quality icons in XP, Vista & MAC design styles for web and software applications.


    You've never known so much information could be packed into one page.

    Speak Up

    An incredible and ever-evolving source of news, articles and discussion about graphic design.


    An excellent resource for web design and digital illustration. Tons of tutorials and an active community support this affiliate of Tutorials Forums and Absolute Cross.

    Studio Produce

    A growing resource for freelance design and illustration businesses.

    Titan Icons

    Professionally designed royalty free digital icons, logos, web templates, and graphics, suitable for all of your on and offline application needs.


    Nice site with Photoshop and web design tutorials, plus articles, news and contests

    Advertising Blogs

  • AdBlog Arabia

  • AdFreak

  • AdHunt

  • AdPulp

  • AdRants

  • AdverBlog

  • AdverBox

  • AdverGirl

  • American Copywriter

  • BannerBlog

  • BriefBlog

  • Ernie Schenck

  • Glossy Inc.

  • Houtlust

  • I Believe in Adv

  • IPub

  • Marketing Alternatif

  • Netzkobold

  • PubMundo

  • Room 116

  • TBWA Blog

  • The Hidden Persuader

  • ThirdWay

  • Twenty Four

  • Werbeblogger
  • HMK Design Links

    How Magazine
    Print Magazine
    Design Observer Observing Design
    Communication Arts See What I'm Sayin?
    Stereo Type & Society Look & See
    City Of Sound Up Town Take
    Decor8 Wicked Smaht
    Are You Paying Attention? Deja Veiw
    Brands Of The World Logos Of Planet Earth
    Logo RIP A Commemoration
    Clientcopia This is the real world they were telling us about.
    Identity Works But Only If You Do Too
    1+1 Equals 3 Go Figure
    37 Signals A million things to consider.
    Eye Magazine Always Open.
    Swiss Miss Always A Hit.
    Design Addict Get Your Fix!
    Design Boom Light up your design life.
    Color Match 5K The Original 5KB Color Picker
    Colour My World A colour lovers paradise
    Before & After 101 Design Tips
    WPDFD Worst Case Scenario Web Tester
    The FWA Totally Sweet Web!
    Lulu Nice work - Now Publish it!

    HMK Font Links