Saturday, January 01, 2005

Miguel's Link Vault

Type Gallery SOTA Headquarters
Motel Signs Check in and check it out.
Fountain Nice Fonts.
Veer Proving not all stock is schlock.
Font WorksType Links
House Plant Picture Studio Absolute Genius Fun!

That's Right My take on the stuff that surrounds us.
Technorati What are people talking about right now?
HMK Photos I like to take pictures.
Bring Your Camera! Always!
Square America Vintage snapshots & vernacular photography.
When They Were Young The older I get the better I was.
Design Observer Observing Design
Google Maps Click Hybrid when you get there!

Red Hot mp3 Put another dime in the jukebox Comrade.
America In The 30s An awesome resource!
Aircheck Aircheck Archives from WFMU. Listen!
BBC: Program Archive
The BBC Vault of Radio Documentaries.
People Like Us Social Class in America
Best History Sites Primo history offerings by time period
Map Vault Library Of Congress Map Collection 1500-2004
Zoom Quilt Wow. Cool Flash Art.

Information or Junk? You decide.
Cool Coincidences Bueno Kowinkydinks
Slacker Manager Getting Things Done
Vintage Soda Ads Tasty.
Incoming Signals And you think I surf too much...
Link Dump Even more random cool links...

Chase Studio Dioramas for natural history museums.
Gravely Gorgeous Architectural Gargoyles.
Clock Dots Crazy!
The Onion It'll make your eyes water.
Radio Your listening to WSSR...

Taco Land Stories Everybody Loves Ram
Necessito La Music Liner notes for my I.F. compilations +
Weirdo Music Cool mp3 downloads of rare and cheesy vinyl.
Folk Songs Of America The R W Gordon Collection, 1922-1932
Radio Vintage Ad Achive.

Speak American? Tight site, a'ight.
Tech Bargains Cha-Ching. Worth the stop.
Coupon Cabin Mas Cha-Ching.
Look Up A nice collection of UFOs in Ancient Art.
Euros to Pesos How much is that?
My Segue Shuffle Project Cool transitions for your iPod.
The Deathray Davies Your iPod will thank you.
Joe's Turf Buying a house in San Antonio? Joe Barfield's The Man.

The Criterion Collection If only all DVDs were Criterion...
Alphabets Cheap cool stuff.
Exit 9 Even more cheap cool stuff.
More 4 Check the specials.
Private Lable Coffee Custom Java.
The Label Man Fruit Crate Labels
Luxury Chairs Design that's truly within reach.
Math Cool Math sites.
Super-Detective Picture Library Bitchin Cover Art!

Konakai All Things Tiki
Fonts For Flash Hip
Surfmania! Sounds like summer...
Busted Tees Now wear this!
Sugarland Oh La La Marilyn!
Hot Dog! Your Hot Dog GPS.
Flaming Canine Not Exactly.
Colour My World A colour lovers paradise.
Superchunk The goodest band ever.
Stereo Types Two Faced By Design.
Vintage Something Retro Vintage.

Blast Off! Space Art In Childrens Books.
3-2-1 Soviet Propaganda Images
Boo! Get A Real Mask!
Signs Everywhere a sign...
! ! ! ! ! Add this to your daily reads!
Crime In Your Coffee Wake & Read
Schaukasten Schaukasten?
Look Out Race! Here Bandit!
Go Google like a Pro!

Net Disaster Awesome!
Roger That. Space Audio.
Music For Maniacs Exactly.
Deep Impact Amazing.
Illustration 100 Years of Illustration
Fa La La La La Stocking Stuffer.
Buttercup Cool Band.
Habitat For Humanity Because there's no place like home.

Bad Band Photos Learn from this!
The Mothership All things Apple.
American Radio Tune in.
Genius Shortcut Condensed Classics.
Adonde? Where In The World?
Kraftwerk Ya.
Jim Flora The man.
Toy Inside Suprise.

Halloween The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows
Dr. Mysterian The Essential Ghoul's Record Shelf
Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches Hmmmm. 64 Slices Of American cheese...

Dreams Of Space Ground Control to Major Tom...
Jesus Juice For Everybody! You can't beat it.
WOW Tune in.
Eat. Drink. Save Money. Seriously.
Bird Is The Word Tweet.
Flan Save room!
International Shark Attack File Swimming!
Sounds Funny It is.
Plants It'll grow on you.

Yum! Yummy.
I See Drunk People Really.
Gig Poster Heaven Amen.
Oddball Cars Gentlemen...
Velvita Album Art Beyond cheesy.
Moscow Graffiti Read. Red. Rad.
This Day In Music Today is...
Imaginary World Imagine that.
Look At This! You'll be glad you did.

Des Chapeaux Hats off.
Epemera Now That was then.
Vegas Vic One of my Vinyl buds.
Basic Hip Ear cheese.
Xtabay's Lounge World You'll dig.
Trippy Flash And then some.
J2K-FIVE God, that's cool.
Exotica Links More links!
Mix Master Dub Get your supertikicoffeehouse on.

An Artsy Fartsy Weblog People you don't know doing stuff..
1920 Transit Posters Eye Candy.
10 Shades of Noir Nice.
The Cultures & History of America Good to know.
Life In The Present More people you don't know doing stuff..
Eye Of The Goof A true visionary.
Retro Duck Quack.
Radio Locator Find any station, anywhere.
LinkDump Always Fresh cool stuff here.
mp3 Calculator How much bullets does this thing hold?
Apple Blog Because windows sucks.
Gizmo Cool Stuff you can't afford...
Uber Gizmo More stuff you can't afford..
The Casbah Sir Brian Parish will rock your world.
FIESTA! There's nothing like April in San Antonio.
Azure You might like this.
Brainhead The Idea Portal.

CNET Cool geek news and reviews.
Trendy Stay on top of things.
Just The Facts Really? What's your source?
Libra Today you will read your horoscope.
Mac Deals Check here first.
Dave! One of my Top Ten Favorite sites.
Tiki Bongo Did I mention I can play 3 chords?
Hawaiiaberas! Totally Bitchin' shirts!
Go Spurs! There's nothing like June in San Antonio.

Mac News You'll get you Mac news here every once and a while.
The Cult Of Mac Leander Kahney's cool Mac site.
iPodlounge All things iPod.
The Swindles They sound way better than they look!
Los #3 Dinners The Original Party Animals
¿QuĂ© usted es tring de decir? What are you trying to say?
Look It Up! Word.
Weird Unexplained Mysteries.

Picasso Tons of nice references.
Google Maps Simply Amazing.
Days Till Christmas How Many?
Mobiles By Julie Frith
Old Farmers Almanac In it's 214th year.
Political Cartoons Always Fresh
Plan 9 From Outer Space That's Right. Download the whole movie right here.
White Pages Helpful Address Finder
Before & After Quick Design Tips

le Tour de Lance That's Right.
Fonts A Shitload Of Free Fonts
Catholic News A Solid Perspective
Sports Illustrated Who Won?
Flashloaded Springboard Templates
Secrets See a secret. Share a secret.

Ephemera Now.
KISS You wanted the answers, you've got the answers...
Movie Sets & Vehicles A nice model builders reference vault.
Dave's Show Rod Rally Every model show rod from 1960 to 2001!
Mondo Schlocko Thrill! Chills! Screams!
Lucha Libre Luchadore Handbags & More
Monster Mags Tons!
Planet Of Sardines Mucho Much Pulp Covers!

Audio Hiccup Warehouse Really?
Get A Life Scripts from the show.
Vintage Mugs Early 20th Century Mug Shots
Back Masking & Satanic Messages Hell Of A Site.
Sexy Album Covers Nice.
Ultimate Insult Bitchin' Link Vault.
UBU Cool Shit.
shyscyberchamber Bizzare Shit.
OOK Observing Obscure Kulture

Inaudible Cities Obscure & Cool mp3s
Petanque Tre Bon Postcards!
Rhyme Zone Rhymes with Lime Phone...
World Movie Art Original Art - Go Buy Now!