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Advertising Insight:
24 Communication from Across the planet.
Entrepreneur Get Smart.
Guerrilla Innovation Serious Monkey Business.
Welcome To Optimism Life at Wieden + Kennedy London.
Radical Careering Want joy & meaning from work? Start here.
Communication Arts The Art of Communication
Shots Finely Crafted Brilliance
Ad Pulp Daily Juice From The Ad Biz
I Have An Idea Do You?
Advertising Goodness Discovery+Exploration+Development+Refinement+Implementation= Goodness
Ad Hunt Secret Research Weapon
American Copywriter Stuff people think about too much.
AdverBox Daily Visual Pleasure For Ad-Voyeurs
Ads Of The World Open Your Eyes and Think
Another Comapany
The Spec Spot TV Ain't Ready For This...
Ad Busters Who You Gonna Call?
The Designers' Lunch Box Yum.
Advertising Age
Ad Parade Because you can't be everywhere.
Ad Age Small Agency Diary Cool
Knock The Hustle Truth In Advertising
Which Came First? Chicken Or The Egg (The Rooster!)

Design Observer Observing Design
Design Feeds Perpetually Fresh!
Design Milk Got It?
Swiss Miss Always A Hit.
Under Consideration Hmmm...
Smashing Magazine Absolutely Smashing!
Design Sponge Soak it up!
the Contemporist Now Time
David Report Design Passion
Brand Origins Brand Not Bland
Corporate Identity A Catalogue with PMS
Hidden Presuader You Found It!
The Serif Nice Link Site
Digital Thread Ditto!
Yale Rare BooksNice Digital Images
Nice To Meet You How Are You?
Communication Arts See What I'm Sayin?
ArtKrush Smart Design Blog
Stereo Type & Society Look & See
City Of Sound Up Town Take
Decor8 Wicked Smaht
Sub-Studio Good Stuff
Pixel Groovy Cool
Are You Paying Attention? Deja Veiw
Brands Of The World Logos Of Planet Earth
Logo RIP A Commemoration
Clientcopia This is the real world they were telling us about.
Identity Works But Only If You Do Too
1+1 Equals 3 Go Figure
37 Signals A million things to consider.
Eye Magazine Always Open.
Design Addict Get Your Fix!
Design Boom Light up your design life.

Color Reference Tools:
Color Scheme Dashboard Style!
Degraeve Your Image, Your Palet
ColorSchemer Name That Color
Color Match 5K The Original 5KB Color Picker
ColorMatch 2007 The Pimped Out Color Picker
Colour My World A colour lovers paradise
Before & After 101 Design Tips
WPDFD Worst Case Scenario Web Tester
The FWA Totally Sweet Web!
Lulu Nice work - Now Publish it!
Color Trends Color My World
Logo Organge Good Reference
Step Inside Design
Coudal Totally Cool.
Flow The Art of UCD.
Screen Fluent Habla?
Design Meltdown Wax On!
Digital Thread I like!
Flash Den Stop Buy!
How Blog And How!
MagCulture Page Turners
Brand Infection Brand Directory & Slogans
Designer's Tool Box Size Matters.
Power 150 The List

Browser Shots Multi Browser Test Site
Looks Good Works Well Great Scott!
Style Gala Web Design & Standards
24 Oranges Dutch Treats!
Brain Fuel TV Plug In!
Corporate Identity A Catalogue with PMS

Type Base All Your Type Belong To Us!
I Love Typography I Do!
Typies Attention To Detail
My Fonts Can Be Your Fonts!
Letterror Uh Oh.
Letter Press Ding Dong
Wood Type Knock Knock
Type Gallery SOTA Headquarters
P22 Type Foundry Get the 411 on some great fonts.
Font Shop Shop Fonts.
Fountain Flooded with cool fonts.
Font Works And they do mighty fine work!
Corporate Identity A Catalogue with PMS
Veer Test Drive Fonts
Fonts A Shitload Of Free Fonts
Disney Font Archive A World Of Wonder
Test Pilot Collective 1-2-3, Testing...

Nice Package:
The Die Line

Designers That Think:
Glashaus Design
Feltron Seven Personal Annual Report
Creaktif Nice Stuff!
Deep Sites Get Out Of The Shallow End
The Daily Max Go Today
100 Reasons Cool Casa Links
Blue Ant Studios More Cool Casa!

StyleGala Web Design & Standards.
Agency Tool
CreativeTechs Good To Know!
Usability Use This!
1983 DailyCatch
Design Meltdown Seriously.
Web Designers Wall Eyeball This!
High Floater Going Up?
Cold Hard Flash Almost Seriously.
ReTest And then test again...
Linkdup Design Sites
Fonts For Flash Hip
Zoom Quilt Wow. Cool Flash Art.
Flashloaded Springboard Templates
Net Disaster Awesome!
Trippy Flash And then some.
Usability News Gaze.
MOMB I Can't Wait!
Style Gala Web Design & Standards

Kraftwerk Ya.
The Deathray Davies Your iPod will thank you.
Superchunk The goodest band ever.
Buttercup Cool Band.
The Swindles They sound way better than they look!
Los #3 Dinners The Original Party Animals
John Dufilho This One Man Band is Not A One Band Man
Tiki Bongo Did I mention I can almost play 3 chords?
Chris & Tad How Did You Ever Get So...!!!

Download my PodCast: I.F. Irregular Frequency

Necessito La Music Make it louder...
Todd The Vinyl Junkie Wax Poetic
Endless Mike 192 is good Enough For You
The Russians Put another dime in the jukebox Comrade.
Chocoreve Goldmine!
Jazz Pour Tous Oui, Tous!
Pinicchio Easy Listening Vibes
Radio Memories Forget Modern Podcasts!
Crosley Radio Way Back Radio Machines.
This Day In Music Today is...
Spiked Candy Oh La MP3.
Music You Won't (Possibly) Hear Anyplace Else True that.
Diddy Wah Black & White.
Aircheck Aircheck Archives from WFMU. Listen!
Sabadabada Bossa Samba Mecca.
Bedazzled Don't Worry, Be Dazzled!
Radio Locator Find any station, anywhere.
Planet Xtabay Mucho Exotica.
BBC: Program Archive The BBC Vault of Radio Documentaries.
Vegas Vic One of my Vinyl buds.
Basic Hip MP3 from rescued vinyl with a twist.
Belly Bongo Hungry for more rescued vinyl?
mp3 Calculator How much bullets does this thing hold?
Xtabay's Lounge World You'll dig.
Inaudible Cities Obscure & Cool mp3s
Radio Your listening to WSSR...
Sounds Funny It is.
The Casbah Sir Brian Parish will rock your world.
Back Masking & Satanic Messages Hell Of A Site.
Necessito La Music Liner notes for my I.F. compilations +
My Segue Shuffle Project Cool transitions for your iPod.
American Radio Tune in.
Dr. Mysterian The Essential Ghoul's Record Shelf
Weirdo Music Cool mp3 downloads of rare and cheesy vinyl.
Folk Songs Of America The R W Gordon Collection, 1922-1932
Radio Vintage Ad Achive.
WOW Tune in.
Roger That. Space Audio.
Exotica Links More links!
Mix Master Dub Get your supertikicoffeehouse on.
Music For Maniacs Exactly.
Fa La La La La Stocking Stuffer.
Pure Volume Simple.

Cool You:
Life Hacks New And Improved You!
Cool Hunter Bulls Eye.
Libra Today you will read your horoscope.
Archive Why You Are and How You Got There
Cognitive Daily Cause & Effect

Mortgage Professor My Favorite HomeBoy
Zillow I wonder how much that house is...
Trulia Donde Esta Casa?

Look It Up! Word.
Oxymorons Wicked Nice.
¿QuĂ© usted es tring de decir? What are you trying to say?
Rhyme Zone Rhymes with Lime Phone...
Speak American? Tight site, a'ight.
Genius Shortcut Condensed Classics.
No Slang What Are They Sayin'?
Futurism Psycho Bitch Would Love This

That's Right My take on the stuff that surrounds us.
decor8 Grrrr8!
Airbag Industries Not too Shabby
Digg Thumbs Up!
Open Secrets Good To Know.
9 Rules Quality Loves Company
NetDiver Sure. C'mon In!
Boing Boing Bueno Bueno.
Helmut Smits Smart Thinking.
Josh Spear More cool stuff.
World Meters Doing The Numbers
Business Week Small Biz Buzz
Go Google like a Pro!
Technorati What are people talking about right now?
Engadget So new it might not even be real, yet!
Information or Junk? You decide.
LinkDump Always Fresh cool stuff here.
Trendy Stay on top of things.
Just The Facts Really? What's your source?
CNET Cool geek news and reviews.
Gizmo Cool Stuff you can't afford...
Uber Gizmo More stuff you can't afford...
Apple Blog Because windows sucks.
Mac News You'll get you Mac news here every once and a while.
The Cult Of Mac Leander Kahney's cool Mac site.
iPodlounge All things iPod.
OOK Observing Obscure Kulture
Ultimate Insult Bitchin' Link Vault.
UBU Cool Shit.
Dave! One of my Top Ten Favorite sites.
Brainhead The Idea Portal.
shyscyberchamber Bizzare Shit.
Exclamation Point Add this to your daily reads!
Old Farmers Almanac In it's 214th year.
Political Cartoons Always Fresh
Fashion Forward 360 Fashion.
Strange New Products Crazy World.
Strange Maps Find Yourself.

Kayak Nothing Compares!
FareCast Think National.
Booking Buddy Let's Go!
J3TLag Tha Captain Has Turned On The CLICK HERE sign.
Travelocity Fly Travel.
Easy Jet Euro Southwest Airlines
Seat Guru Are you sitting comfortably?
Concierge Inspired travel starts here
I Amsterdam Go Dutch!
Hotwire Deals.

Google Maps Click Hybrid when you get there!
Google Map Mania Independent Google Map ideas
White Pages Helpful Address Finder
Euros to Pesos How much is that?
Hot Dog! Your Hot Dog GPS.
Days Till Christmas How Many?
Adonde? Where In The World?
Radio Locator Find any station, anywhere.

Do It Yourself
Says-It Digital DYI Fun!
Makezine Release Your Inner Geek.
PingMag Japanese Project Magazine Cool Stuff!
The Book Of Cool Just Do It!
Craftzine Get Crafty!
Real Simple Really.
Home Depot Clinic Pimp My Casa

Get It Together:
Slacker Manager Getting Things Done

LinkDump Always Fresh cool stuff here.
Flobberlob Interesting Observations.
Tacky Times Let's Go Back!
Daily Candy Warning: Candy Can Be Addictive!
ZeFrank This is Ze spot.
Taco Land Stories Everybody Loves Ram
The Cult Of Mac Leander Kahney's cool Mac site.
Apple Blog Because windows sucks.
An Artsy Fartsy Weblog People you don't know doing stuff.
Crime In Your Coffee Wake & Read
Life In The Present More people you don't know doing stuff..
Eye Of The Goof A true visionary.
grid Skipper Urban Travel Guide.
Gawker Manhattan Pulse.

Websites with Metro Audio Files Chicago's L Metros and trams in Germany and UK Japanese metros and railways Japanese railways Paris, sounds of metro, RER, tram, and bus Russian metros

Feast Your Eyes:
HMK Photos I like to take pictures.
Library Of Congress Salute!
Society Of illustrators Well you know my name is Simon...
Visual Story Telling A Nice Cultural Vault In Progress
Animation Archive Wow.
Russian stamps Ya.
Stupid Videos That's Right!
Movie Titles Screen This!
Motel Signs Check in and check it out.
Ephemera Now.
MST3K Temple Yes!
Schaukasten Movie Art.
Radio Classic.
Mad Mad I Say!
Charlton Comics Very nice.
Drawn Inspiration is Everywhere!.
J2K-FIVE God, that's cool.
Jim Flora The man.
Test Pilot Collective 1-2-3, Testing...
Bad Band Photos Learn from this!
Moscow Graffiti Read. Red. Rad.
Veer Proving not all stock is schlock.
Queens Of Burlesque Burlesque Is More
Signs Everywhere a sign...
Imaginary World Imagine that.
Dreams Of Space Ground Control to Major Tom...
Bird Is The Word Tweet.
Look At This! You'll be glad you did.
Des Chapeaux Hats off.
Petanque Tre Bon Postcards!
Plants It'll grow on you.
Paperbacks Nice Rack!
Look Out Race! Here Bandit!
Movie Sets & Vehicles A nice model builders reference vault.
House Plant Picture Studio Absolute Genius Fun!
Bring Your Camera! Always!
Dave's Show Rod Rally Every model show rod 1960 to 2001!
Deep Impact Amazing.
Illustration 100 Years of Illustration
Vintage Soda Ads Tasty.
Monster Mags Tons!
Planet Of Sardines Mucho Much Pulp Covers!
Chase Studio Dioramas for natural history museums.
Not Coming Saul Bass Movie Titles
Gravely Gorgeous Architectural Gargoyles
World Movie Art Original Art - Go Buy Now!
Toy Inside Suprise.
Sexy Album Covers Nice.
Vintage Mugs Early 20th Century Mug Shots
Picasso Tons of nice references.
Look Up A nice collection of UFOs in Ancient Art.
Super-Detective Picture Library Bitchin Cover Art!
The Label Man Fruit Crate Labels
Yum! Yummy.
I See Drunk People Really.
Gig Poster Heaven Amen.
Oddball Cars Gentlemen...
Velvita Album Art Beyond cheesy.
1920 Transit Posters Transit Eye Candy.
10 Shades of Noir Nice.
Blast Off! Space Art In Childrens Books.
3-2-1 Soviet Propaganda Images
Stereo Types Two Faced By Design.
Vintage Something Retro Vintage.
Sugarland Oh La La Marilyn!
Circus History Amazing! Sorta.

Square America Vintage snapshots & vernacular photography.
When They Were Young The older I get the better I was.
America In The 30s An awesome resource!
People Like Us Social Class in America
The Cultures & History of America Good to know.
Halloween The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows
Best History Sites Primo history offerings by time period
Map Vault Library Of Congress Map Collection 1500-2004
The Mothership All things Apple.

Buy Products:
SharkThang Merch Dude.
Atypyk Cool Stuff.
Shopzilla The Smarter Way To Shop.
Eat. Drink. Save Money. Seriously.
Mac Deals Check here first.
Circuit City. Best Buy Beater.
Tree Hugger Saving All Kinds Of Green.
Tech Bargains Cha-Ching. Worth the stop.
The Criterion Collection If only all DVDs were Criterion...
Super Future. Serious Shopping.
Coupon Cabin Mas Cha-Ching.
Cool Hunting. Ready. Aim. Shop!
Cool Hunter. Sister site to above.
Gizmo Cool Stuff you can't afford...
Uber Gizmo More stuff you can't afford..
Hawaiiaberas! Totally Bitchin' shirts!
World Movie Art Original Art - Go Buy Now!
Lucha Libre Luchadore Handbags & More
Alphabets Cheap cool stuff.
Strange New Products Crazy World.
Exit 9 Even more cheap cool stuff.
Boo! Get A Real Mask!
More 4 Check the specials.
Private Lable Coffee Custom Java.
Luxury Chairs Design that's truly within reach.
Busted Tees Now wear this!
Mobiles By Julie Frith
Flaming Canine Not Exactly.

Good Stuff:
Habitat For Humanity Because there's no place like home.
J2K-FIVE God, that's cool.
Konakai All Things Tiki
Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches Hmmmm. 64 Slices Of American cheese...
Go Spurs! There's nothing like June in San Antonio.
The Cultures & History of America Good to know.

San Antonio:
Go Spurs! There's nothing like June in San Antonio.
Joe's Turf Buying a house in San Antonio? Joe Barfield's The Man.
FIESTA! There's nothing like April in San Antonio.
The Swindles They sound way better than they look!
Los #3 Dinners The Original Party Animals
The Casbah Sir Brian Parish will rock your world.

Rabbit Hole:
Way Back Advertising Video Vault
Welcome To The Grand Illusion Sans Styx
Link Dump Even more random cool links...
Libra Today you will read your horoscope.
KISS You wanted the answers, you've got the answers...
Cool Coincidences Bueno Kowinkydinks
Azure You might like this
Google Maps Simply Amazing.
Dave! One of my Top Ten Favorite sites.
Jesus Juice For Everybody! You can't beat it.
Weird Unexplained Mysteries.
Incoming Signals And you think I surf too much...
Mondo Schlocko Thrill! Chills! Screams!
Audio Hiccup Warehouse Really?
Get A Life Scripts from the show.
Clock Dots Crazy!
Secrets See a secret. Share a secret.
Catholic News A Solid Perspective
Sports Illustrated Who Won?
le Tour de Lance That's Right.
The Onion It'll make your eyes water.
Retro Duck Quack.
Math Cool Math sites.
Schaukasten Schaukasten?
Plan 9 From Outer Space That's Right. Download the whole movie right here.
Flan Save room!
International Shark Attack File Swimming!

Fly Europe!

  • CH-Aviation. Enter your origin and destination (cities or countries) and the site displays routes and the airlines that fly these routes. You locate airlines of interest on a different menu, with links to those lines' websites.

  • Flybudget. This site includes airlines around the world, with a major section on Europe. It uses an intriguing graphic interface: Once you enter routes and dates, you get a display of fare ranges by day; once you select a travel day, you get specific flight prices.

  • Flycheapo. Enter your origin and destination, select an airline that flies the route, and the site links you directly to that airline.

  • Skyscanner presents the same destination-date-fare information mix as Flybudget , but with a more conventional interface. In fact, Flybudget says it's "powered" by Skyscanner, so Flybudget may be just an independent front-end to the same data.

Overall, if you're really looking for the lowest airfares—and have flexibility about travel dates—the Flybudget/Skyscanner system is by far the most useful. However, if you're pretty much tied to specific dates, CH-Aviation and Flycheapo can help as easily.

Air passes

Consider a fixed-price visitor ticket program as yet another alternative for low-cost flights within Europe. Two programs provide for travel within Europe for a flat rate of $99 per nonstop flight:

  • Europe by Air provides flights on 23 airlines—mainly small—throughout much of Europe, as far east as Moscow. In addition, a few "premium" flights, generally in the eastern Mediterranean, cost $129 each.

  • Euroflightpass offers a similar $99 flat rate throughout Europe, again as far east as Moscow.

It's hard to tell from the websites whether Europe by Air and Euroflightpass overlap at all. They both use what seems to be identical interactive map technology, but the routes displayed are different.

Tiny Houses:


Tiny Stick Built


Tiny Straw Bale Houses


Tiny Timber Frame



Tiny House Resourses

  • Coming Unmoored

  • LittleDiggs

  • Little Green House

  • Living Small

  • ProHousing

  • Shedworking

  • Small House Musings

  • Small House Society

  • Tiny Free House

  • Tiny House Design

  • TinyHouses